Cheese Dairy

The dairy is to be found right in the heart of the village of Terradelles, in the Mas Alba farmhouse, dating from the 18th century.

It has been designed to produce cheese using milk from the farm, employing a traditional and environmentally friendly technique.

Artisan Cheese

El Terròs

Raw milk cheese and goat cooked pasta (a delicacy in the current cheesemaker panorama) large format, about 7 kg, cut into wedges of the desired weight.

El Cremós

Soft cheese, made from raw goat’s milk, coagulated and at least 1 month of maturation. Cheese of 400 grams, 15 euros each.

El Petitot

Unpasteurised goat’s milk. Lactic coagulation. Minimum maturation: 1 month. Form and weight: cylindrical, flat-ended; 300g/150g.


Goat cheese from raw milk with a soft, cohesive, very creamy texture and pleasant passage through the mouth. Cheese 300 grams.